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Our story begins with our protagonist being a typical blue collar worker.

Yup – I’ve worked my tail off to get where I’m at.

To create the life I want.

To live how I choose when I choose.

Am I flush with ridiculous amounts of cash? Nope.

And to further blow your mind, I choose to live in a remote location, away from the city.

“But oldmoney”, I can hear some whine, “doesn’t everyone want to be ballin out of control in the big city?”


Best you lose that mindset son.

It may seem like a sharp contrast, but to me wealth isn’t driving a Ferrari.

Do I like them? Sure.

Will I trade my comfortable life, mortgage my family’s future, live up to my neck in debt paycheque to paycheque just to drive a sick car? No way in hell.

But, hey, if that’s your dream have at it.

This site celebrates those symbols of wealth but we understand that they are just that – symbols that stand for an idea. Nothing more.

And that idea is that you’re wealthy enough to live life on your terms, however that looks.

It’s the embrace of the reality that peasants can exist across all social classes – where some live a smoke in mirrors existence as they try to pretend they are something that they aren’t.

If you’re truly rich – with liquid wealth and no overwhelming debt – buy whatever makes you happy.

But if you aren’t, let’s all drop the fake it till you make it bullshit.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being where you’re currently at and working your ass off to improve your situation and hit your goals.

You don’t have to answer to anyone or try to impress anyone.

Save your effort for achieving your goals – not trying to make everyone else happy.

This is your life. YOU get to decide what rich looks like and means to you.

Don’t let anyone else change your thought process or influence your decisions.

My deal is just don’t overload your life with debt that you constantly have to service.

It steals your life and robs you of true riches.

And if you don’t believe me – go ahead and find out for yourself.

Other than that, enjoy your life.

Eat, drink and be merry.

Love your wife. Hug your kids. Learn to live life away from a screen and without the debt so many incurr along the way.

Peace out.